Friday, October 17, 2003

"Houston," we have a problem...

Okay, okay...I have been known to (for whatever reasons) disassociate temporarily from family, friends, lovers (i.e. my recent blogger absence) at anytime. I call it "doing me." I may or may not answer phones or return emails. Alot of people have problems with it. I can understand to a certain extent. However, I feel like it is just a temporary departure from the hustle and bustle in an effort to slow down. I don't have any special ceremony or ritual that I do during these times but I just feel like I need it.

Consequently, here's an email from a friend:

***I have been deemed "Whitney" Houston for various perceived uncanny similarities none of which relate to narcotix usage. He is "Vanessa" Williams for reasons that I would only attribute to fanaticism.***


I dont understand. I thought that I had your
disappearing acts down to a science--you know, your
prolonged waits to exhale--but, this stunt is one that
I did not expect. I know "you doing you." I know "you
in love all over again with Bobby." I know you are
fortunate enough to have an "upper-level position at a
large research university." All of which can impeed
the ability to return a phone call, or two, or three,
or maybe even four, but you have not even responded to
my emails.
The shade has been caught. And that, I do understand.
I hope that you get back from "Israel" safely.

vanessa."'s something for me to think about.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

"Been gone for a minute...Now um back with the Jump Off..."-Kimberly Jones

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More tales to come VERY soon...I promise!