Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tweet Listening Party!!!

Listen here! - Courtesy of

It always takes me a few days to digest a new album. But for what it's worth after two days of listening...

The fact remains, Tweet makes me want to simply:

1. Stand on the balcony and watch the horizon
2. Lay watching the smoke unfurl from Patchouli incense
3. Stare in the mirror, dazed and confused with introspect

Sample lyrics:

"...slipped on an iceberg, so cold/slipped up and fell in love with an iceberg, so cold/your love is so cold..." - metaphorical illusions

"Taxi take me to his home/I want to give him all of me cuz I'm alone!!!!" - That track gives me visuals like "Smoking cigarettes" did last album. Loves it!

"The Two of Us" - This joint features her daughter, who is a clone! WOW!!

"Turn Da Lights Off" - When did Kwame' (Polka Dots) become such a HOT producer!?!

Tweet's albums make the club bangers (singles) seem out of place. Sometimes, I want Missy to shut the Hell up and stop messing up the flow. I guess that's why the obvious Missy collabos are at the beginning and the end.

Nevertheless, I will be vibratin' on the dancefloor w/ my vodka cran up in the air harmonizing to that final joint..."We don't need no water..."

Pay careful attention.

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