Thursday, November 20, 2003

You ain't gon find no husband at da club!

So a few months ago I heard about another online hookup site that has apparently become very popular in Atlanta. At the time, I deemed myself "married" and thought of myself as "beyond" all of that child's play, so I dismissed it. But how easily that fantasy turned into a nightmare (yesterday's blog).

Well...I created a profile on today. I know that I am setting myself up for utter disappointment. {My Grandma used to tell my Aunts, "You ain't gon find no husband at da club!" It's basically with that premise that I look at online dating.} I actually don't even know what I am looking for. I don't think I would have even set up a profile if the website had not actually been so easy to navigate. It actually is a really good site with several ways to "get to know" people, so I understand it's popularity. There are over 400 men in my local area "logged in now" with a majority of them being men of color...almost ALL! I think the website might be programmed to display people I might be interested in based upon my profile that I set up initially. Then, (catch this!) I can utilize the "legend/icon" feature to actually select my preferred top, bottom, versatile, oral, or escort and initiate conversation. WOW! It's just that easy! Click! Then presto....dick! It's just too easy!? (sarcasm)

Then I moved on to and set up another profile. It wasn't as simple. I am not very confident in that ad. It required typing a LOT of text which I wasn't prepared to do. And then it seems to be a white gay male site. Not that I have any issues dating outside of my race...but I don't believe that they're looking for me. But I did meet muy caliente from Clarkston by way of Spain in the chat room. I'll see what happens with that. He said he's looking for "fun" but I am sure fun = sex. We'll see...

Since typing this blog, I've received 2 messages for my M4N profile. One a total bust. The other...cute...biracial he's "just looking for cool peeps." Hmmm...

Oh, I'm going to NYC for Thanksgiving!

Greenwich Village
Buttercup Lounge
West Elm
Old friends
College alum
New friends

So much to do...

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