Thursday, June 03, 2004

To Grandma, with love...

Many months ago, I splurged and bought an Egyptian Cotton (280 thread count) sheet and pillow set for my bed. For no apparent reason, the package sat in my linen closet up until this past weekend.

I am not sure why I never used the sheet set up until now. I think it is because I was raised with a grandmother who never used her "good stuff."

The Summers I spent at my grandmother's house as a child included:

1. Plastic runners "protecting" the carpet in high traffic areas such as the living room and main hallways.

2. "Do Not Touch" towel sets nicely folded and displayed in the bathrooms.

3. Candles still wrapped in the plastic outercovering, never to be burned...years at a time.

4. "Good" dishes which were only used during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the occasional Sunday when company visited.

I'm not going to dispute my grandmother's logic/illogic concerning her valuables. That would be futile. But tonight, and from this day forward, I will sleep in Egyptian luxury...because I can...and should.


Blkpoetx said...

:) Reminds my of my childhood with me it was my mom, she keep the good china in the china cabinet, while we ate out some assortment of plates, colloect over the years froom different garage sales, my mom so happen to venture by. My Mom was the collector, even though she had nice this she alway bought more and more. nowadays she has learned to live, and let live, but at 57 years old it's about time. on the other hand my Grandma taught me to sent money on nice things, don't buy junk. because the nice things last so much longer, you not buying the same item over and over again. Hmm the wisdom of our elders.

Mike (AKA Prime) said...

Good for you!!!

Luckily, I never had that experience at home, but the neighbor across the street was plastic slip cover fanatic.. and made us enter her house throught the BACK door.