Sunday, May 30, 2004

I think I'm READY NOW for a NASTY GRIND...

It never ceases to amaze me. Truth Hurts and Adina Howard may just be what I need to get me through the Summer.

Sample lyrics:

Throw me on the counter//By the kitchen door//Let's do acrobatics//Make my body sore//Make the neighbors jealous//Bet I'll make you scream//My legs around your pelvis//You ain't gonna run from me - Ready Now by Truth Hurts

You do me and watch as I do you//Two bodies vibrating, your manhood is escalating//Tongues touch, bodies trace//Turn over, I don't see your face//Kiss your neck, your back, your toes, what's next? - Nasty Grind by Adina Howard


Blkpoetx said...

.... those songs both, are the bomb... when i seen the videos on, man I almost wanted to got out a and get a ... well almost. Adina's album is in the stores now. it's call "second coming"

Anonymous said...

aight brotha! do yo thang! keep it gangta! your blog is da ish.

from jamaican dude: aurie