Friday, December 05, 2003

My bird landed amongst the mechanical flock and I exited into Gotham City with Hellified fearlessness...

Thanksgiving Thursday
Party of 6 in Harlem at 131st hosted by my good friend, The Hairstylist. We gave thanks. Lots and lots of stimulating conversation. Ipods...home decor...celebrity culture..."Abercrombie's My Bitch"...Karma..."What would you do?"... Then more Zinfandel and maybe some Absolut Citron and cranberry. Ended up in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn with TSB after a stroll through a deserted Greenwich Village.

Ran errands with TSB in downtown Brooklyn. Stopped in a Goodwill store to search for vintage finds. Surprisingly successful. Took a break. Met up with Gianni (who flew in from ATL), TSB, The Hairstylist, and X5 (who flew in from New Orleans) at Day-O. Took in spirits and libation at the corner bar until the sound system went out. Still can't figure out why management was so rude!? The posse hailed two cabs to Brooklyn so that a few wardrobe changes could take place before we made our way to the next venue...Da know? Three scintillating floors of New York's finest. We took in more of the Devil's nectar...I opted for Long Island's own Iced Tea. As planned, I ran into my friend Q, who I had phoned on Thanksgiving since we hadn't seen or really spoken to each other in about a year. Party & Bullsh*t!!! So much was going on that night and a Lush, such as myself, can't hardly recall it all... I know I was giving and receiving cell numbers most of the night. All you could see were blue and green cell phone illumination as the exchanges were taking place. My cohorts for the night were working full time in their own regards, but that's Sex and the City. I congratulated Phillip Bloch, Halle Berry's stylist, outside of the club for all of his good work. I don't know if he was incognito or what. Everytime I see him out he is quietly alone. Maybe that's his modus operandi to "get a date." The gang came out together...but left individually...

I woke up and was introduced to Q's roommate...

Our hands met, thumbs intertwined
One firm signal of excitement.
My eyes glided to the floor, too nervous to ever meet his...again.
I sneaked a peek at his coy smile as he mouthed off irrelevance.
3 seconds...feeling like eternity.
How can anyone make morning look so good?
Barefoot...fresh faced...teeth brilliant from a recent brushing.
Time is becoming finite.
My breath is gone. None left to speak...
Chance lost...again.

So I left the Upper East Side to go to Times Square to the TKTS booth for Broadway tickets. After 2 1/2 hours in the blistering cold, I got tickets to Rent. Wanted Aida to see Michelle Williams, but I wasn't disappointed. Q and I then had lunch at Cafeteria. I HATED my spinach and cheddar omelette with a passion. The restaurant looks amazingly trendy but the food was so bland! We then hit it up to 125th to shop for some urban digs for later that night.

The Hairstylist and I went to the Nedarlander Theatre to experience Rent. It was my second viewing...his first. So I enjoyed experiencing it with him for the first time. The cast was great. I would have preferred a stronger performance for Angel...but it was good enough. "No day but today..."

Met up with the crew for a party at Bayou on 125th and Lenox. It reminded me of the B2B parties in Atlanta. I was so excited to see Keith Boykin there. That made my night! TSB did the most to acqaint himself really well with Mr. Boykin.

Left there and went to the Warehouse up in the Bronx. Total change of atmosphere...Night and Day... We got real gutter and partied until 7:30am.

Walked down 125th to get bootlegs. Yes, I admit it. I purchase bootleg CD's and books. It's about economics right now for me. Got Alicia Keys' "Diary" and Alice Walker's The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart. Had Sunday dinner at "Manna's." Then the group went to Escuelita to see Harmonica.

And I rested. Bad bad cold...

Back in da ATL

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