Monday, December 08, 2003

What do the lonely do for Christmas?

As I listen to the Urban Holiday Station on Launchcast, I am reminded that I pass by two Christmas tree stands on my way home everyday. I keep telling myself that I will stop and buy one. Then I realize how pathetic it would be. I'd be so melancholic. Not to mention, on yesterday I saw my neighbors (a couple) unloading their tree from the car. I began to imagine their little decorating project...

Papi's carrying and guiding the base of the tree into their front door as Wife-y holds the tip. Coats, scarves, and gloves off, he soon begins to set the tree into the stand. "Is it straight...or crooked?" Finally, it's perfect. She adjusts the crackling logs in the fireplace and then the pair unpack the lights, garland, and ornaments. Boyz II Men's "Let it Snow" is playing in the background as she winds around the tree illuminated by 500 streaming lights guided by her man. They perform the same dance as the garland is added. She tosses crimson ornamental balls at his head as he teases her about how ghetto her Mama's tree was when they visited for Thanksgiving. Laughter continues to fill the air as the last of the ornaments are added. He finally tops the tree with a golden metallic star. They clean up the mess that they made. The lights in the house are turned off, leaving their Christmas tree shimmering. The two naturally embrace, relishing in another Christmas together.

Maybe I should just wrap a stream of lights around the banister of my balcony. That's simple enough.

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