Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Santa brought me a canine companion for Christmas. I had always wanted a pet. I just didn't know if I was necessarily ready for the committment. I would constantly talk myself out of purchasing one. So needless to say, I recently decided it was time to find out.

My only stipulation was that the dog be rescued from the pound. I wanted to feel as though I had saved a life, a carnivorous one. And I did. Maximillian (Max) was adopted with kennel cough, conjunctivitis, neuter infection, flea infestation, and a severely matted coat amongst other things. All the poor dog had strength to do was to lick his persistent runny nose and penis sutures from the neutering...ugghh!

Now it's February and all is nearly well. In the process, he has become quite attached to me...following me from room to room, attempting to sleep in the bed with me, and displaying pure joy as soon as I walk into the house.

Nevertheless, I feel as though I've adopted a child. (Maybe I'm the one whose become attached!?!?)

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