Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Love of My Life...

Erykah Badu's entire new album is online for preview today. This past Saturday, Danger had Traxx jumpin'! I like when you hear a song on the radio or on television...and you're like...."It's alright!?" Then you hear it in the club amplified to the highest level and the dancefloor is packed and you're already lushed -n- perspiring and that same mediocre song comes blaring through the speakers and your mind is changed. You're like, "That's my joint (arms flailing)!

But to get back 2 EBadu...I wonder why there has been little to no promotion for this album? I was told by an avid fan that the album was dropping soon (9-16-03). I only recently heard the first single (I have given up on radio). And so far I've heard the 1st four tracks while typing this blog...mellow and typically abstract are the words that come to mind. Lots of different unintelligible sounds which I assume are vocally derived. And I've noticed that she likes to sample her own previous work...interesting.

Last night, I watched VH1's Hip Hop Babylon and actually got chills listening and realizing how deviant this rape of culture has gotten. I posted the following to their message board:

"Hip Hop Babylon had me shook up last night. I knew the music industry was a hideous monster but I didn't know how viscious it truly was. I was saddened to see so many individuals hoodwinked and bamboozled. I also was bothered by the sociological implications that are evident in our culture and community due to this evergrowing beast. Worshipping hypermasculinity and one-upmanship...belief that money defines success and happiness...acceptance of hood and ghetto mentalities in an effort to "keep it real." Uggh! And I was disgusted to hear Kevin Liles suggest that Joe Budden go to the flyest clubs...drink up...hang with the dopest honeys, etc. to create this facade to sell records. As a pioneer of Hip Hop music, I would have expected a more creative response to low record sales. And poor Joe Budden...looking like his dog died. The most enlightened segments were of Chuck D and KRS-one spitting Hip Hop philosophy, i.e. "Black death sells!" I commend VH1 (who woulda thought!?) for creating this show. I only hope that ALL viewers realize that MAINSTREAM Hip Hop, (MTV, BET, commercial radio) does not define Hip Hop culture. We are much more than "gettin' shot 9 times," "tits & ass," and "bling bling!"

I've heard the entire album. It's not love at first listen. I think I expected more lyrically. I couldn't get an anthem out of it. Mama's Gun had me mesmerized from start to finish...musically, lyrically, and vocally. For this album, I could have used some additional tracks (only 10!?). But I'm sure she'll perform the Hell outta it in concert.

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