Monday, September 29, 2003

You don't know me like that...

Recap from Texas...
I'm back from a very scandalous training at the Hyatt in San Antonio, TX. There is, what I will call, a "conference phenomenon" that exists when you get individuals gathered in a city for trainings and seminars. It all begins after the day's sessions and there is nothing for the attendees to do in the evenings except cruise the hotel lobbies/bars and meet up with other attendees that they've met throughout the day. People with husbands, wives, lovers, and children begin to behave in ways that they probably normally would not had it not been for this microcosm created within the hotel environment.

CLUB (room) 833 and 1137 were stocked with a semi-full bar with snacks. So intriguing! I like my cocktails, so I of course didn't refuse the opportunity to mix the Devil's nectar. And as much as I tried to be cognizant of my surroundings...the alcohol took affect and before I knew it my guard was down. The rooms were getting a little too Eyes Wide Shut for me! I also wanted to hit up the gay scene in San Antonio. So I had to coax this guy from Ft. Lauderdale that I had been talking to accompany me out. He declined. I flirted with him until he agreed. I knew what I was doing, but I didn't think he did. Of course, when we were filing out everyone else wanted to come too. (It comes with being the life of the party!?) So we hailed 3 cabs and discovered The Saint. Myself, Ft. Lauderdale, and Los Angeles (whom I had just met) immediately went to the bar. All three of us were standing there and Los Angeles offered to buy me my drink. I smiled and hugged him in gratitude while a lifeless drag queen attempted to perform Beyonce's "Baby Boy!".

me: you didn't have to do that. thank you! (hug)
Los Angeles: nuttin to it.
me: (sipping cranberry/vodka)
Ft. Lauderdale: (leans in to me) i get you. i see how you work.
me: what!?
Ft. Lauderdale: it's all good. i ain't mad. you know how to work it.
me: what are you saying?
Ft. Lauderdale: nothing...don't worry about it.
me: no, what are you trying to say.
Ft. Lauderdale: nothing (turns his head)
me: i know what you're trying to say. but you don't know me like that!
Ft. Lauderdale: you know how to get what you want.
me: yo, chill.

I realize that Ft. Lauderdale may have been right. I feel like I am just a friendly person. In my mind, I know where the flirt in me begins and ends. No harm in it. I guess I should be more aware of what others may be feeling. I suppose Ft. Lauderdale thought that I would end my night with him since I did coax him out. But instead I am accepting drinks from other new found friends. And unbeknownst to him, I had EVERY intention of ending my night ALONE in room 544.

Nevertheless, we eventually left that club to go back to room 367 where the drunken group eventually wound down. Shout out to E from NYC "strumming my pain with his fingers" and C from DC "these gurls some teas!"


me: hello?
ejh: i told you i was gon check on you. where you at?
me: just got back to the hotel...bout to go back to my room.
ejh: alone?
me: ha ha ha, yes!
ejh: d...
me: huh?
ejh: are you cheating on me?
me: no

It wasn't until 6:34am that I finally closed my eyes only to reopen them at 8:30am to make it to my 9am session. I just realize that I have a boyfriend. Thank God for Da Bux!

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