Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Say it loud...I'm black and I'm PROUD!!

I did Black Gay Pride-Atlanta this weekend! I was not really interested until I spoke with EB and Jabari on Friday. And that's when it all began...

Friday: I got my hair cut into a nice light Caesar similar to my boy Pharrell's. Then I stopped by A&F for some new "college boy" threads. I frantically got dressed and then hit it to meet Jabari and Co. I pulled up to the Sheraton and that's when I remembered how fun Pride could be. The sight of MEN made me giggle at the remembrance of Prides past. Jabari and I walked around the host hotel where many of the festivities were taking place all weekend. I ran into several familiar faces and met many new ones. It's sad to say...but I really needed to hear the "Hey sexy's..." and catch the constant moments of eye contact from onlookers. It's only because I'm in this quasi-relationship (R we 2gether or not? What is this?). And sometimes one just needs a mad boost to the self-esteem! That sounds so pitiful...but it's honest. (And it's anotha entry for anotha day!) So, we then went to Club 708 which was like a block party with all of the people in the streets and APD handling crowd control! From there we walked to Bulldogs and back. During this time, I met the other characters which tell the rest of the weekend's story. Jabari's Company: Antonio I, Antonio II, Larry, Don, and Paris. I, of course, am drunk off of Skyy and smoking my Salems by this point. Everybody is meeting and greeting in the streets until the wee hours of the morning. I swear it's like mating season!

Saturday: Hangover! I didn't get outta bed until about 3pm. I, then hit it to Little 5 Points to check out the Futon Gallery for their selection of beds. (I found a really nice Mahogany bed similar to one I saw at By Design and will save about $150!) While shopping, Antonio I calls me and says that his friend Larry is interested in me. It's funny to me because he was competing hard at the Block Party to be the Alpha Male! He's actually cute though, minus the gray contacts. But I wasn't interested in any sexual escapades. I then go over to this music shop I discovered accidentally once before in L5P. I met the owner, a girl working promotions, and DJ Rahdu who promised to take me under their wings and educate me on the truth of Soul music. I felt like a kid in a candy store with all of the musical possibilities. Commercial radio, MTV and BET are beginning to kill me softly. But I was glad to hear so many good samples on Mary's album as a throwback to what it used to be. (Anotha entry for anotha day...) Back 2 da weekend...later that night I met up with the crew again and we all did the block party at Traxx. The crowd was out of control. Shouts out to CJ with the card table and impromtu game of 3-hand Spades (whoever heard of that!?) and the DC BBQ stand (the chicken sandwich and jumbo cocktail was right!)

Sunday: I had no intention of going out. But Jabari talked me into meeting them at the hotel. The conversation persuaded me to The Lion's Den with Paris and Don while he went to Club 708 with Kevin and Sommore. At The Lion's Den, the crowd was so thick and people exiting were complaining about the heat, e.g. Carlos. I was in no mood for discomfort, so I didn't go in. But I was glad to see people leaving with autographed pictures of Kelly Price and Latocha Scott. I'm sure its hard to find mainstream artists to play black gay clubs. But I guess artists are beginning to appreciate and recognize their demographic following.

Monday: Film festival! The crew critiqued Enrique Cruz's Hardcore! Hilarious! I, personally, loved it! I was actually interested and attempting to follow the storyline and cast of characters. "Bust Papi! Word!" The sex scenes were not disappointments either. Some were even like infatuated love-making, which is surprising to see in XXX features. And I am sufficed to say that "Thuggism" still leads black/Latino gay erotica and this film tops Cruz's previous endeavors, i.e. Off da Hook and Aprende, in that genre. After the film festival, the crew stopped by a pool party and The Palace before concluding the busy weekend.

Now, it's back to reality. The lows after the highs. But it's all good. Until we meet again...

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