Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body ~ Martha Graham - US dancer, choreographer

Last Friday night after leaving Red Chair, I decided to stroll on over to Club Colours and meet up with some other friends. I was already lushed, so I was glad to see them in the parking lot so that they could escort me into the club.

As I walked the "red carpet" back to the bar, I ran into familiar faces and greeted the paparazzi on the sidelines. Red Bull and Vodka is my new sh*t!

I'm really really hot//Everytime my record drops//Radio says I won't stop//Cuz I'm killin em ~ Missy

I'm on the dancefloor. The liquor makes me feel as though I am the only one. In reality, the floor is packed with very little room to move. I continue to dance...alone. (I enjoy dancing alone in the vicinity of friends for some strange reason.)

Urr body in the club getting tipsy//Urr body in the club getting tipsy ~ J-Kwon

At this point, I move in to grind with this guy dancing to my right. The interlude continues as the DJ switches musical genres.

From dem a par inna chi chi man car //Blaze di fire mek we bun dem!!!! (Bun dem!!!!) //From dem a drink inna chi chi man bar //Blaze di fire mek we dun dem!!!! (Dun dem!!!!) ~ TOK (Isn't it ironic!?)

We continue until the heat overwhelms us.

him: it's hot.
me: yeah
him: thanks for the dance.
me: no problem
him: are you from here?
me: yeah, you
him: Brooklyn
me: ok
him: what are you doing Sunday?
me: umm...nothing.
him: do you like dance? would you like to see Alvin Ailey?
me: yeah, i saw opening night on Thursday.
him: really, well you saw me perform.
me: oh, you're an Ailey dancer. i knew there had to be a reason for his body being so hard and toned. I have to introduce you to my friends!

So to make a long story short, TheDancer and one of his other friends along with myself and two of my other friends spent the weekend together with the limited amount of free time that Ailey dancers have on tour. Needless to say, I saw Alvin Ailey twice.

And one of my friends sent me this email on Monday to recap the weekend and summarize his findings.

Whits: (That's me)

So, you know I tried to watch the Grammy's and I fell asleep after Tony and Missy introduced somebody, or after that herendous Sam Jackson/Clinton/Outkast-Bboi/EW&Fire funk rendition. That sh*t was dredfull! Sam Jackson was his usual...

However, I wanted to call you to say Yoko Ono-Lennin's dress was not playing with the girls! Ellen was pretty in pink. Yo cuzin .50 was wrong for that prance across the stage, your alter-ego, Mary, should have left that chin-chilla at home! The hair was marvelous! Beyonce gave an interesting show. I wanted a medley. The dove was cute. JT put a lot of work into his performance; to be honest, I didn't think he had it in him. Did you notice my son was on Dre's lap?--I wonder where I was?--I think all the soul girls e.g., Badu, India, the missing Hill, Scott, Floetry ect. said good evening to Grammy. What do you think? Hillarious.

So, this weekend was Phenomenal! I'm still speechless! It's funny that Lamentations originally didn't want to go to Colours. I thought my chances of seeing Ailey were long gone! We actually went to 708 on a Saturday night. You and Lamentations were actually part of a double date. The list goes On&On...

I had such a great time. You are truly my friend, and I love you. The reads were so festive. My personal fave was: You know Nessa, I can't think of any of your works to compliment you on! That was such an ovah read!

So, I really want you to let it flow. I won't go into a diatribe of how bitchie you can be--which you know to be true--but, help us out, and try to allow sober Whits to meet 3-4 cocktails Whits--more often. No shade.

Expand your horizons as it pertains to distance friendships. TheDancer's certainly worth the thought; festive, professional, great energy, killer body, great spirit, and most important, he's nice.

So I still need the nasty slutty teas! Talk to ya later...


SoJ Truth,

Sup...when you called me yesterday I had just completed another timely discussion with Ol'Piece about his crazy ways. He had just spent the night and mid afternoon with me laying up in my bed NAKED (cause he was HOT!?) and adamantly refusing to have any sexual relations. Huh!? Why dost thou tempt me!? Fighting over sex...and not even REAL sex (i just wanted to kiss and a lil oral/jack off action) is gettin on my LAST nerve. So we parted ways again...not speaking!

I really enjoyed the funk medley. It was educational to let people know Outkast didn't just appear out of nowhere like some have believed. That style/genre has been around way before "Hey Ya!" It has just been fused a lil differently with some Southern Comfort in way that wasn't seen when the West coast, namely Dr. Dre and Snoop, tried to funk it out.

Yoko Ono - snatched!

.50 - needs to get over himself

Mary - has a new fur line out so this winter she has really advertised her ass off. the canary tinted fur may have been a lil too much...but for JZ's Madison Square Garden concert she had on one ol' chocolate fur poncho! and good evening!

Beyonce' - Flawless from the Prince duet to the framed portrait...When Doves Cry...

JT - he did that same performance on Ellen...minus the trumpeter...I was impressed then. I like that "band style" performance on him better than the choreography and dancers.

E. Badu - she was there with that big ass Afro wig on in the audience. At one point she was holding Sevyn (it is ridiculous how he looks just like his Mama). I think she had them damn platinum fronts in her mouth too. I think I might be more apt to liking afrocentric eclectic Erykah than black panther radical Erykah. Hmmm...let me think on it.

I enjoyed this past weekend too. Mesmerizing! We saw Ailey. We met Ailey and B-way dancers. Wow! I certainly am open to befriending TheDancer. He's so sweet. We didn't fuck, as I know you assumed. We were tired and it was 7ish in the morning. We kissed, sucked each other's cocks (I know you hate when I say, and hunched. I ate his cakes while his body was contortioned into something that rivaled Cirque du Soleil. Then we got my Suave-Baby Powder fresh lotion and jacked off. I was on my back and told him to skeet skeet all over my chest. And that's what happened. Those are the "nasty slutty teas."

Any questions?


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