Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The short weekend began with longing ~ Harvey Pekar

I was under the assumption that I had survived this past weekend until I received this email:

Hi Whits!

I just wanted to thank you for that gorgeous blouse! It's so me. Sorry, but I donated all of my red to Lamentations, I'll keep you in mind next time...lol

I sent you an evite for Lamentations' party--thanks for the idea.

I also wanted to let you know what a supreme bitch you were on Saturday night. I know that you are a Delta, so we will eternally be different, but it can't be fun being that nasty. I was really shocked. Ironically, Lamentations contends that he knows that side to you, and consequently, was not shocked; though I know you are a supreme bitch, you have never made me feel unwelcomed in your home, but I guess that's a Delta for ya...go figure.

Well, it's your life...



ps. Gee, I wonder why your pieces are not only crazy, but act the total fool!--co-thought of Lamentations.

I replied:

You're welcome for the blouse!

I look forward to the evite.

"Supreme bitch," never that. I think you and Lamentations may have misinterpreted my mood. I am unable to be as animated and dramatic as you two seem to be 24/7. There are times wherein I simply want quiet conversation and tranquil moments. I think the two of you may have expected a "party hardy" personality, when that wasn't what I was feeling. Yes, it was a Saturday night...and the two of you did come from a festive tea at Chili's...but nonetheless, I was home arguing with one of my pieces on the phone and waiting on Gianni to arrive. Two opposing mood altering evenings which collided together in my home.

And I never expected one to feel unwelcome either. I thought my somber mood was identifiable by the phone conversation prior to you all's arrival. I should have taken that opportunity to say, "not tonight." But I felt that that would have been rude. And then too, I also recall hearing Lamentations say in the background, "Whatever Whits, we coming anyway!" It wasn't a problem though. I just assumed that the two of you knew my mood.

And what was so rude anyway? I probably should have provided more sitting area. But other than that, we laughed at Saturday Night Live, read Kelis, etc. The only awkard moment was when Lamentations asked, "What's so funny Whits?" And I wasn't laughing and stated such. After all was said and done, I then called Lamentations' cell to report that Gianni and I were going to Bulldogs as you requested. But I'm still the bitch.

Nevertheless, I do apologize for any hurt feelings. That was never my intention.

Finally, let us be in wonderment of our own pieces and/or the lack thereof, in any regards to how it may or may not relate to any perceived personality flaws.


Drama! And I swear that I am NOT upset. I also know that there are two sides to every story, but that is how I see it. I felt attacked by the email and felt the need to defend myself. Nevertheless, Lamentations' party is this Saturday, so I hope everything is resolved by then.

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