Friday, May 14, 2004

The Daily Dose

As I tuned in to my usual daily dose of Oprah yesterday, I was mildly shocked to hear Cameron Diaz and Oprah Winfrey casually and briefly talk about how they both believed the institution of marriage was "outdated." Rather ironic since the show was about the biggest animated wedding movie of the year, Shrek 2.

I could feel the emails pouring into Harpo's server...

So, the fanatic that I am, went to the message boards in defense. My post:

Debate over Oprah's comments on marriage...
Posted by: HypnotiqOne
Posted on: 05/14/2004 at 2:47am (27. of 34)

I happen to agree with Oprah and Cameron concerning marriage. I believe that they respect the institution for those that choose it. However, it's not for them personally. And this is probably due to some sense of individualism or selfishness. One has to give up an aspect of Self in order to be "married." The two become one, etc. All of us aren't up for that. Yet we can be just as committed and in love as anyone else.

For me, a family isn't defined by a marriage certificate or a wedding ceremony. A mother will always be a mother and a father will always be a father regardless of any certificates of marriage. In addition, monogamy and committment can also be established without the "institution."

Secondly, if America believed in the "institution" as much as this message board portrays then the divorce rate wouldn't be so high.

And finally, if marriage is the cornerstone of family and society as this message board portrays then ALL people would be allowed the opportunity, more specifically gays and lesbians.

Why was I even commenting...

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Mike (AKA Prime) said...

Hey, you commented cuz you had something valid to say, and you said it well.