Thursday, May 13, 2004

Microphone check...1...2? Is this thing on?

I thought I told Blog goodbye, but here I am.

Thanks Mista____ for the email and for letting me vent.

The fact remains: I will do this for me, authentically so.


While in New York last month, I realized that there are only about 7-10 black gay men in America and I either know them or know someone who knows them ALL! The more intriguing question is why were they all in New York City at the same time?

I went from Day-O to Bar d'O...French Roast to Langston' party in Brooklyn to one on the Upper West Side...Christopher Street to 1-2-5. The whole time running into old friends, foes and acqaintances. Exhausting!

Nevertheless, I'm now back in Atlanta fighting for my sanity. I hosted my brother and sister from Albany, GA for Spring Break. Interesting time for a 16 and 18 year old and there new found gay big brother. I attempted not to change my world just because they were in town. They met a few friends of mine and thought they were "funny." What does that mean? "Ha ha" funny? Or "you're so gay that I can't help but laugh" funny? I took it as a compliment.

I also took them on a shopping spree. And the most surprising thing was how they enjoyed consignment shopping at Plato's Closet. (Some simple shit I shoulda thought of) They were running around like it was Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

I have gone on a serious health kick as well. During late winter, I simply stopped eating regularly for some reason. I didn't think I was stressed. But I suppose I was. My 6'3 frame was down to 169lbs. Normal, but not too cute by my standards. So as soon as the weather began to change in da ATL, I hit the gym...and GNC. Now I'm at 177lbs. Yeah!! It's probably all water, but what the Hell!? I ain't stopping!

Note: Sometimes I feel like I have the same issues as emotional overeaters, but I undereat at times. Not in an extreme emaciated type of way. But similar. Strong emotions definitely make me lose my appetite.

Whew!!! That was cathartic!

Now I know I'm back...and continuing to do this for me...


Anonymous said...

No Problem -- I'm glad to see you postin' again ... and the new layout is cute.

HypnotiqOne said...

This new Blogger comment set up is kinda wack. Please leave your url or identity within your comment, unless you're a Blogger member. Sorry.

Mike (AKA Prime) said...

Yeah, I am not sure how to use this commenting thing...

But, glad you are back and doing this for you!! I enjoy your posts (does that make me a stalker?)

Prime -

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