Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I want you to touch me on the inside part and call me my name - Beloved

Somebody called me an asshole today. I thought it was undeserving. I tend to say what is on my mind. And it's not in a "speak before you think" kinda way. It is actually carefully thought about with an attempt at executing it to precision.

But where does being assertive, articulate, and outspoken become crass and uncouth?

Does the following text require that one be called out by their name?


Unfortunately, I prefer not to receive any FORWARDS containing prayers, inspirational stories, urban legends, smiley animations, or "save Lil' Ricky" requests in my inbox. I consider all such messages junk mail.

Please feel free to contact me via email if YOU have anything to say to ME directly.

Thanks for thinking of me,


***But of course if you follow this blog, you know that their is history with me and Ol'Piece anyway***

1 comment:

Mike (AKA Prime) said...

Looks ok to me. Sounds like Ol'Piece just got his feelings hurt and took it out on you.