Friday, August 22, 2003

Happy Holidaze!

Danielle and Sanya are coming to Atlanta for Tiffany's wedding this weekend! We have not all been together since our days back at Xavier from 96-00. I went to DC a few times to see Sanya. Danielle came to see me in New York a couple of times...but nothing more than that. I'm so anxious!

It's Friday! I'm sorta broke! What kind of weekend can I create? The wedding's not until Sunday evening, so that gives me plenty of time to do me. Actually, I don't really care what happens as long as either tonight or Saturday night I am lushed off of some Skyy with a few Salem Ultralights complementing my exuberance! No shame in my addictions!

Oh yeah...there is that Mary listening party tonight...

Next weekend is Black Gay Pride in Atlanta. I am so surprised by my lack of excitement. Is it the fact that my good sistahs, Troy and Chad, aren't coming and Carl is going to Miami!? Where oh where is my enthusiasm for da homo thugs and gangsta princesses!? I guess I should attend more of the ITLA events this year instead of the club scene which is what I am actually tired of experiencing.

***I am really talking shit right now*** Ain't nothing like being up in Traxx during the Holidaze!

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