Wednesday, August 20, 2003


I have now discovered a new fascination...blogging! This is quite surprising for a person such as myself. Things can spark my interest for wee moments of time and then they become, "Oh, so passe!" But the premise...the idea...of an "online journal" is just so damn intriguing. It's very Carrie Bradshaw. A little introspective thought ain't hurt nobody. Plus, I was momentarily on Friendster checking the "Gallery" of Unknowns whose lives seem superficially so much more enticing than my own (the root of my fascination with blogging). But then I thought about it..."not true, not true" (Whitney's response in the Diane Sawyer interview) so here I am. Enjoy!

It is like 98 humid degrees in Atlanta and why did I find myself standing on the corner of Little 5 Points doing short surveys for work. I mean, in this kind of heat, who the Hell wants to answer my "five quick questions!?" And when my "five quick questions" consist of questions concerning sexuality, it gets even more "heated." But I have to catch myself. I continue to strive to be a somewhat stable secure black gay male living in America's Hip Hop era (isn't that rather oxymoronic?!). It took a MINUTE digging myself out of all of the debris! But I have lived the last seven years in New Orleans, New York City, and Atlanta (definitely gay, huh?) so I am really biased when it comes to speaking on gay issues. I have almost forgotten how dark the "closet" was! And I dispute the existence of the "DL!" So again I have to catch myself when dealing with sexuality. My psyche is not another's. But back to my exploitations in da hot ass sun...I am randomly asking these men as a part of my series of questions if they "Have ever had sex?" Then, "Have you ever had sex with a man, woman, both, neither?" Can you "taste the rainbow" spectrum of responses I was getting!? Hilarious!

Carl just informed me of a Mary J. Blige Love and Life 8-26-2003 listening party this Friday night. Omigod! "If you look at my life and see what I've seen..."

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