Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm a Punk under pressure...Put dat money on the dresser!--Katey Red

Back in 1996, I moved from Atlanta to New Orleans for undergrad and became addicted to New Orleans BOUNCE music. It was totally different from the booty shake that I had profusely sweated to at every junior high afterschool dance and then once again at Junior/Senior Prom. This new phenomenon contained chants, call and response, and strict choreography for most of the cuts. I definitely remember my "What the f*ck!?!" moments at every Greek party or club I visited. People were lined up on the floor dancing, i.e. "wobbling, titty bopping, monkeying on a stick" in total syncopation to the rhythm of the music. So, of course after about 6 months, I was hooked. This was also the same time at which Master P and No Limit blew up. So as a newfound New Orleans resident, I immersed myself in the musical stylings within the local scene. And it didn't hurt that Mercedes and Kane and Abel were fellow (former) students at the time.

One of the most gagging moments of my college days was an exciting revelation about one of New Orleans most popular local artists. With BOUNCE music, the beat typically drove the song for me. I was definitely conscious of a voice spitting lyrics, however I seldom took the opportunity to comprehend those lyrics. They were simply phrases serving as musical accompaniment.

Katey Red is a dick sucka//Katey Red is a dick sucka
Um a ho, I know um a ho//Um a ho, I know um a ho

I remember stopping and thinking about what my mouth was saying while my body was bouncing from side to side. This girl sure is nasty!? Then, after careful analysis of that particular song and a subsequent follow up, the epiphanic moment hit.

Katey Red is transgender.

So as I reminisced on that moment, I decided to investigate more. I was surprised to see Katey referenced in so many articles and websites around the world. Kudos!

Check out this BOUNCE music documentary film coming soon featuring Katey Red.

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