Friday, January 02, 2004

Two Thousand and Four

Can you imagine the Holiday season without drama? I couldn't. But I experienced it. To my surprise, all of my family were on their best behavior. I suppose that this lesson in etiquette is due to the tumultuous fiasco that erupted over Thanksgiving. (I, luckily, was not involved due to a trip to NYC. But I heard about it all!) I would like to think that the "No More Drama-esque" Holiday season was also an effect of my aura of warmth and affection that's just too infectious to be denied by all in my company. My halo's luminescence brightens... I literally hopped from house to house throughout the whole 4 day trip. And ur'body's doing fine...

Mommie Dearest
Moms didn't bring up my "lifestyle" not one time. But I don't know if that's good or bad!? When I first got home, I walked by the television in the den and noticed the complete anthology of Tyler Perry classics.

me: Whatchu know bout Madea?
moms: This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!
me: Who told you about Tyler Perry?
moms: So and so had Madea's Family Reunion and told me to watch it. I have never cried laughing so hard.
me: I'm surprised you like it!

I see the Tyler Perry gospel stage plays as religious satire ("playing church"), drag (Tyler Perry as Madea), and overt sexuality (scantily clad male characters with wanton female counterparts). And these are the last things that I thought would be "funny" to Moms. I guess she's becoming more open minded!?

Alex has really grown up. Maybe a little too much. His mother (my aunt) had an after Christmas get together at her house. All of the kids were in Alex's room with the PS2 while he was with all the grown folk gossiping. Periodically, he would go into his room only to return reporting what the other kids were doing. Jay is jumping on my bed. Kory's eating in my room. He's such a cliche--a Tattle Tell.

Nevertheless, I forgot how old Alex was as I began asking him questions about one of his mother's friends, Pretty Boy. I was exiting the door when Pretty Boy and a cute female arrived at the house. He didn't speak. We just looked at each other blankly. It was that look that says, Me: "Who are you? Him: "No, who are you?" The party was a mix of family and my aunt's friends. Neither groups really intermixed, strangely enough. So during one of my trips to the bar for Martell, my Aunt stopped me and introduced me to her friends, including Pretty Boy. The haze was lifted. I laughed and smiled as he referenced old skool samples in the Hip Hip that was playing courtesy of DMX Music. But suffice it to say, he wasn't as eligible as I thought he may have been thanks to all of the intel I got from Alex.

Alex also received the same cell phone that I have from Santa. Why a 10 year old needs a cell phone, I don't know!? And now he calls me every 2-3 days. I have began to let him leave me voicemails...

Alex: Hey, I was just calling to ask you who you thought was crazier Jessica Simpson or Ally Hilfiger? Call me back. Love you.

Sibling Rivalry
My lil' sister opted to go to NYC for Christmas with other family members in hopes that she would return in time to visit Atlanta too. It didn't work out. So I brought my brother and my 18 year old cousin back to Atlanta with me after Christmas. I told myself that I would have a "conversation" with them to see where their headz were at concerning homosexuality. After cappucinoes at Apres Diem, I told them what I wasn't supposed to tell them. And it was met with a settling, "we already know..." Whew! Now let's move on.

Since then, I have probably shared my whole world with them. They met Gianni and Q. I have answered so many FAQ's that I'm ready to retire from being the poster boy.

Once again, the moral of the story is that I should stop being surprised by how people really don't give a f*ck about sexuality if you give them the opportunity to digest it.

All in all, I think that this is going to be a happy new year!

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