Monday, January 26, 2004

Let Freedom Ring!

The Fab Ones (TheMost, Gianni, TheScroller and myself) enjoyed quite a festive weekend celebrating and honoring the good Reverend Doctor two weekends ago. It became quite overwhelming at times.

Friday: From Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to my apartment (Change Clothes...and Go...) to Club Colours in an hour and a half. Club was crazy packed. I got to meet TheMost's newest NYC friends who were also in town. Gianni acted suspiciously possessive of one of his pieces/dates who was in attendance as well. TheScroller met a cute Bronx boricua and disappeared into the night. I reaquainted myself with TheHobbit whom I met at a New Year's party in the Cascades. We kissed and exchanged numbers before leaving that night.

Saturday: The Fab Ones supported Gianni as he was the photographic model featured in the opening of an art exhibit at the Hammond House Galleries in the West End. I must go to more gallery openings featuring black art/artists. It's Bohemian rhapsody at it's best! From there we went to the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts for a party in which The Ex was in attendance. Suffice it to say, we didn't stay there long. Plus the tacky and ignorant host was CHARGING for cocktails. Hmph!? Finally, we ended up at the B2B party at Spice. I ended up going home with TheHobbit for one ol' impromptu session.

Sunday: Brunch at IHOP. Then a stroll through Lil' 5 Points for phrase t-shirts, i.e. "Soul Brother" and two hours at the neighborhood Target store. (Change clothes...and Go...) Arrived at a jam packed Lion's Den. Ran into a FORMER friend who used to be a part of The Fab Ones, however it has been over two years since any of the current members have seen or wanted to hear from him. It's interesting to watch the non verbals of the guilty and defeated...arms eye contact...typical avoidance behavior. Karma is a muthaf*cka! And the silent presence of the surviving four has to be the deadliest weapon of revenge. There was no need for a brawl! We also saw Rah Digga kill it on stage and then Fire Marshall Bill shut it on down.

Monday: TheMost and I went to the King Center to pay homage and respect to the man that helped make it all possible.

How festive...

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