Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Randomly thinking...

* What the Hell are B2K thinking? Is this a family dispute? Aren't they all cousins or something? Why do the least talented ones always wanna pull stunts like this!? Just chill and ride the wave! Just sit back and pretend like you don't care that Omarion is singing all of the lead and starring in ya'lls new movie. Just wait on Chris to distribute dem royalty checks! Establish yourselves a nice savings account and continue to smile and make the girls AND boyz holla!

* Britney, please stop using the media to sell records! I beg you! I'm really sorry if album sales are disappointing. Things'll get better.

* I want Elecia Battle to stop it!

* How dis happened and then you have the audacity to RUN!?

* say the least. No so much Joi, but Truth Hurts!?

* Where is Maxwell?

* Statistics on disparity continue to scare me!

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